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Armil CFS offers high temperature boards for a variety of applications. Fiberfrax Duraboard LD is a high temperature insulating board that can be used at temperatures up to 2300 deg F. Super Isol is a 1800 deg calcium silicate board for back up and sub hearth insulation. Marinite I is a high strength structural insulation.

Board Specifications (PDF)

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  1. Fiberfrax Duraboard® LD

    Fiberfrax Duraboard® LD


    Duraboard® LD products are rigid, high temperature boards manufactured with Fiberfrax® alumina silica fibers and binders. Duraboard® products offer low thermal conductivity, uniform density and excellent resistance to thermal shock. These boards are easy to cut and fabricate. Duraboard® can be used for refractory linings in furnaces or kilns, heat processing equipment, baffles, muffles, high temperature gaskets, etc…. All boards are 18” x 24”
  2. Marinite® Calcium Silicate Boards

    Marinite® Calcium Silicate Boards


    Marinite®I boards combine high strength and thermal insulating capabilities. Marinite® boards can be used in a variety of fireproofing and heat processing applications, including ovens, heat baffles, fire stops, fire walls, cable trays, and fire doors. Marinte®I boards are easily cut and fabricated with wood working tools. All Marinite Boards are made in the USA!

    All boards are 12” x 24”

    Specifications (PDF)

  3. Super Isol Calcium Silicate Boards

    Super Isol Calcium Silicate Board


    Super ISOL boards are high strength, low density boards used for back up insulation at temperature to 1800°F. Boards are easy to cut, and can be used as back up insulation in furnaces, kilns, ovens and appliances. Super Isol boards are the preferred sub hearth insulation for wood fired pizza ovens!

    Board size: 18" x 24"

    Specifications (PDF)

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