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Refractory Patching Material

Refractory patches repair refractory linings in a variety of high temperature equipment.
Fiberfrax LDS Moldable (PDF)

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  1. LDS Moldable Ceramic Fiber Patch, 11 oz caulking tube

    LDS Moldable Ceramic Fiber Patch


    Fiberfrax LDS moldable consists of Fiberfrax ceramic fibers dispersed in a sticky water based refractory binder. LDS Moldable adheres well to most refractory surfaces, and is recommended for patching ceramic fiber and insulating brick linings. After drying, the patch is strong, hard and erosion resistant. Dried density is approximately 50 pcf.
  2. Rescobond 3000 55 lb bag

    Rescobond 3000


    Rescobond 3000 is a dense patching material with a phosphate bond system that allows the patch to stick to most dense refractories. Dry material is mixed with water to desired consistency, and troweled into place. Allow to air dry, and bring up to operating temperature at 100°F per hour. Rescobond 3000 is excellent for patching hearths, arches, and sidewalls in furnaces, kilns, boilers and incinerators.

    Specifications (PDF)

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