Woodfired Backyard Pizza Ovens

Armil makes backyard pizza ovens tooArmil CFS has been manufacturing pizza ovens for more than 10 years. Based on proven European designs, our low dome ovens heat up quickly, and when properly insulated, hold heat for hours.

Armil CFS now sells both our precast ovens and the refractory materials required to create custom ovens. Learn More about our Pizza Oven offerings.

Cast Ovens
The Armil CFS Precast Pizza Oven is cast from premium refractory and fired in our own ovens.
To achieve proper performance, the oven must be fully insulated. We recommend using our Super Isol board under the hearth. This calcium Silicate board manufactured in Europe, offers both high strength and excellent insulating characteristics. For over the top of the dome, we use either Fiberfrax Durablanket ceramic fiber blanket or Insulfrax S Blanket. Both products excel at keeping the heat in the oven. Armil CFS can also sell the castable refractory required to cast an oven. Castable refractories are designed to be mixed in high intensity mixers, and vibrated into place. To get the proper performance , manufacturer’s directions must be followed.

Armil CFS stock High Duty brick in 9×4-1/2 x 2-1/2 and 9 x 4-1/2 x 3 sizes. Call for availability on other tile sizes available. Large format 24” x 12” tiles are in stock. High Duty brick offers thermal shock resistance, temperature resistance, and heat retention These large tiles minimize joints in the hearth. We recommend using our Super J2 mortar for bonding firebrick.

Refractory dome, hearth and arch are all part of the backyard pizza oven kit offered by Armil CFS.Unlike other wood fired pizza oven manufacturers, Armil CFS offers only premium insulation products. Fiberfrax Durablanket S or Insulfrax S blankets are both manufactured by Unifrax in New Carlisle IN.

  • Durablanket S is a premium ceramic fiber blanket that offers excellent strength and insulating values.
  • Insulfrax S is a bio-soluble, non RCF blanket that can also be used.

While many types of insulating boards can be used for sub hearth insulation, we prefer the excellent strength and insulating capabilities of Super Isol board, made in Denmark. We recommend a minimum of 1” be used under the hearth, 1-1/2” or 2” is preferable.

Learn more about our Backyard Pizza Oven products.


Fiberfrax Ceramic Fiber Papers

Fiberfrax Ceramic Fiber PapersArmil CFS offers several grades of Fiberfrax ceramic fiber papers for a variety of applications. All Fiberfrax papers are thin, flexible insulation materials consisting primarily of a matrix of alumino-silicate fiber with a latex binding system.

Fiberfrax 440 papers are a lower cost, composite made from a combination of ceramic fiber, inert fillers, and fiberglass reinforcement. The fiberglass gives 440 papers added strength at operating temperatures between 450°F and 1300°F. 440 Paper also contains a fire-retardant smoke suppressant. 440 paper is available in 1/8” thickness (Fiberfrax 440J Paper).

Fiberfrax 550 paper is made from unwashed high purity Fiberfrax ceramic fiber. Fiberfrax 550 paper is commonly used in gasketing, sealing, and refractory back-up applications. Fiberfrax 550 paper is available in 1/16” thickness (Fiberfrax 550F paper), 1/8” (Fiberfrax 550 J paper), and ¼” thickness (Fiberfrax 550K paper)

Fiberfrax 970 paper is made from washed high purity Fiberfrax ceramic fibers. The washing process removes unfiberized particles from the fiber, leaving a paper with improved uniformity and thermal performance. This “cleaner” paper extends die life in die stamping operations where unfiberized particles cause increased wear on dies. Fiberfrax 970 paper is available in 1/32” (Fiberfrax 970 A paper), 1/16” (Fiberfrax 970F paper), and 1/8” (Fiberfrax 970 J paper) thicknesses.

Fiberfrax 880 paper is made from higher alumina that fibers laid up at higher densities. This gives 880 paper a higher temperature grade (2600°F) then the other Fiberfrax papers. Fiberfrax 880 paper is available in 1/16” (Fiberfrax 880F paper) and 1/8” (Fiberfrax 880J paper).

Fiberfrax 880 and 970 papers are also available without the organic binder systems. Both 882-H and 972-H papers are heat treated during the manufacturing process to remove organics.

Fiberfrax Rollboard is a lower density ceramic fiber that offers more flexibility. Fiberfrax Rollboard is a good choice for wrapping intricate shapes or molds or in single use applications.

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